5 fun ways to celebrate 14th August this year 

August 13, 2022

Cover photo credit: Canva

Op-ed writer: Ushah Kazi

For the past few years, celebrations of any kind have been few and far between. A global pandemic, and the ensuing economic and political situations have meant that many of us will just settle for a quiet evening alone. With that said, Pakistan’s 75th year of independence is a benchmark. And if you were hoping to make the country’s diamond jubilee celebrations a bit more special, here are five easy ways to do just that! 

Make a batch of independence day cupcakes

Some of us are mavericks in the kitchen. And some of us are not. Regardless, if there was ever a time to get creative, this could be it. If you’re feeling experimental, try this recipe from Ainy Cooks (which includes flags made from fondant). If not, this is a much simpler version from Let’s Cook With Maryam

Photo credit: ainycooks.com

Azadi trivia night with friends and family

Whether you resort to a collective zoom call or are fortunate enough to be with loved ones for 14th August, a fun little quiz can be a great bonding activity. 

Here’s a quiz that you can start off with, and add any questions that you feel should be included. 

Side note; an independence day themed cupcake could be an excellent gift for the winners!

Movie night featuring Pakistani gems 

Pakistan has its fair share of cinematic treasures that don’t often get their due. Two movies you should definitely show some love to are Cake (available from the studio on their YouTube channel) and Pinky Memsaab (available on Netflix). 

Photo credit: Shondaland (Cake)

Listen to a playlist of classic Pakistani songs 

You can start off with these classics and then work your way towards the newer melodies. 

Bonus: enjoy independence day lighting in your city with friends and family 

If you’re in a city that celebrates the day with a lighting display, you could plan a road trip with loved ones. 

Photo credit: A State Bank building with colorful lights (APP photo by Qasim Ghauri)

Ushah Kazi has written for a number of Pakistani and Canadian publications. She has also published a book about Pakistani cinema titled, The Pop-Culture Junkie’s Guide to Pakistani Cinema, which is available on Amazon.

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