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Hi I’m Anam, founder of The NewsRun, a free daily email newsletter that provides the smartest breakdown of news from Pakistan. I apply my background in writing, research and communications to churn out newsletters for our subscribers. I like to stay informed and learn new things every day, which is why a career in media was always my ultimate goal.

I’ve traveled back and forth between the US and Pakistan for most of my life. A busy schedule and the geographic distance made it harder for me to keep up with Pakistan’s hectic news cycle. I knew I wasn’t the only Pakistani who felt that way. Now that people are bombarded with information around the clock, I asked myself one question, “how can I make the news more efficient, reliable and less tiring?” That’s when I decided to launch The NewsRun.


Are you on the go with no time to keep up the with the day’s latest news? Don’t worry, we got you. At the NewsRun, we cut through the clutter and deliver the most important news of the day straight to your inbox. Our daily newsletter spotlights top stories from Pakistan in a clear, contextualized way.

Our Process

Firstly, we research the news by digging through local and international publications. Secondly, we pull out key points you need to know. Thirdly, and most importantly, we condense each news topic into bite-sized paragraphs. As a result, subscribers wake up to digestible breakdowns of major headlines. In other words, you only need 5 minutes or less to read the day’s biggest stories!

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