Thinking big: Kanwal Ahmed

February 25, 2019

We spoke with the Founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan, and Facebook Community Leadership Fellow, Kanwal Ahmed!


1) What inspired you to launch Soul Sisters Pakistan?

The circumstances of many women around me. I was abroad at the time and running a beauty/makeup group. People had conversations about wedding makeup, which would often deflect to broader discussions about issues after marriage. I began to notice the many problems women faced in our society, and how badly we needed other people to talk to and relate to.

2) What are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur?

I love being an entrepreneur, and always have been. From real estate, to make up artistry, to social media – I’ve been the kind of person who has dabbled in many things. I have been able to do that solely because I’m a free bird as an entrepreneur. The kind of freedom entrepreneurship brings is unmatched. I’m not driven by money – and I’m not going to lie, entrepreneurship brings a lot of financial challenges – but because I’m driven by purpose and not money, I find that it is something that hardly comes in the way.

3) Describe the most exciting part of your entrepreneurial journey so far. 

Acknowledgement, funding, and support from Facebook. Five years of tireless work resulted in being part of the first ever Facebook Community Leadership Program, something I never imagined in my wildest dreams.

4) What are your top three growth marketing tips?

I just have one. Be authentic. If you are true to yourself and your audience, you’ll grow. People can see right through fake, and honestly, it’s not a pretty sight.

5) What is your definition of success?

Being someone who can empathize with other people, and being someone other people can relate to. Even as a community leader, being a manager/authority figure has never been the mission. Being someone who can inspire and be loved has.

6) Life motto?

To spread love and kindness in times that need it most.

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